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Conferences/Trainings — 2015

Chinese-speaking Conference
The Main Contents of the Lord's Recovery

  1. The Church Ground of Oneness versus Division
  2. The Church as the Organic Body of Christ--the Fullness of the One Who Fills All in All
  3. The All-inclusive Christ as the Mystery of God
  4. The Life-giving and Compound Spirit and the Divine Life in Christ
  5. The Divine Revelation of the Word of God

International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones (Spring)
The Recovery of the Priesthood for God's Building

  1. The Priesthood and the Kingship for God's Building
  2. The Definition of a Priest
  3. Christ as the Food, Clothing, and Dwelling of the Priests
  4. Lighting the Lamps and Burning the Incense
  5. The Two Orders of the Priesthood
  6. Being Laboring Priests of the Gospel of God by Serving God in Our Spirit in the Gospel of His Son
  7. The Central and Ultimate Point of the Priesthood
  8. The Recovery of the Priesthood for God's Building

Full-time Trainings — 2015

Full-time Training — Spring Term
Living in the Reality of the Kingdom of God

  1. Living under the Direct Rule of God by the Intuition of Our Spirit according to the Sense of Life
  2. Transferred out of Darkness into Light to Live in the Kingdom of God as the Shining of the Reality of the Lord Jesus
  3. Living the Kingdom Life for the Growth of the Seed of the Kingdom within Us
  4. The Growth of the Divine Seed of the Kingdom in the Human Heart for God's Building
  5. Living in the Kingdom of God as the Realm of the Divine Species