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Conferences/Trainings — 2017

Special Conference
The World Situation and the Lord's Move

  1. Cooperating with God to Carry Out His Move in His Economy by Knowing This Age and by Knowing the Present Truth
  2. God's Sovereignty, the Divine History within the Human History, and the World Situation and God's Move to Spread His Recovery
  3. Spreading the Divine Truths and Seeing a Vision of the World's Ultimate Situation, God's Ultimate Move, and the Lord's Ultimate Recovery
  4. Bearing the Ultimate Responsibility in God's Ultimate Move
  5. Doing Everything according to the Leading, Working, and Speaking of the Spirit, Honoring the Lord as the Head of the Body for His Unique Move, and Being Balanced by the Body to Be Kept in Its Unique Oneness

International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones
Cooperating with the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ

  1. Seeking the Things Which Are Above
  2. The Apostolic Ministry in Cooperation with Christ's Heavenly Ministry to Shepherd the Church of God as His Flock for the Building Up of the Body of Christ
  3. The Pattern of the Apostle Paul in Cooperating with Christ's Heavenly Ministry to Shepherd People for the Building Up of the Body of Christ
  4. Propagating the Resurrected Christ under the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ
  5. The Revelation, Experience, and Enjoyment of the Ascended Christ as a Merciful, Faithful, and Great High Priest
  6. Responding to Christ's Intercession in His Heavenly Ministry
  7. Practicing the Church Life under the Ministry of Christ as the Minister of the True, the Heavenly, Tabernacle
  8. Cooperating with Christ in His Heavenly Ministry by Running with Endurance the Race Set before Us, Looking Away unto Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of Our Faith

Memorial Day Conference
Knowing Life and the Church

  1. The Triune God Being Life to the Tripartite Man for the Fulfillment of God's Eternal Purpose
  2. The Knowledge of Life
  3. The Need for All Our Service to Be Initiated by God
  4. The Nature of the Church
  5. Standing on the Unique Ground of the Church, Being under the Limitation of the Body of Christ, and Being Body-conscious in One Accord
  6. Living in the Resurrection Life of Christ under the Unique Headship of Christ and Growing Up into the Head, Christ, in All Things for the Reality and Building Up of the Body of Christ

Full-time Trainings — 2017

Full-time Training — Spring Term
The Mending Ministry of John

  1. The Enthroned Christ in God's Administration and the Mending Ministry of Life
  2. Incarnation, Redemption, and Reproduction
  3. The Two Sections of Eternity and the Bridge of Time
  4. The Issue of Life—the Church Life as a House of Feasting for God's Building
  5. The Great I Am, the I Am Who I Am—God as the Savior, the All-inclusive Christ—Becoming the Consummated Spirit, the Holy Breath
  6. Life's Washing in Love to Maintain Fellowship
  7. Living in the Divine and Mystical Realm of the Consummated Spirit
  8. Living in the Kingdom of God as the Realm of the Divine Life and the Divine Species
  9. Living in the Father's House as the Enlarged, Universal, Divine-human Incorporation
  10. The True Vine as the Organism of the Triune God
  11. Living Out and Working Out the New Jerusalem as the Ultimate Answer to the Lord's Prayer in John 17
  12. The Triune God's Dispensing in the Ministry of John
  13. Knowing the True God and Being Constituted with the Divine Reality
  14. Seeing a Vision of the Enthroned Christ as the Administrator in God's Universal Government
  15. The Revelation and Experience of Eight Aspects of the Testimony of Jesus (1)
  16. The Revelation and Experience of Eight Aspects of the Testimony of Jesus (2)