Conference Outlines

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Conferences/Trainings — 2016

Chinese-speaking Conference
The Gospel

  1. The Gospel of the Kingdom
  2. The Gospel of the Grace of God
  3. The Structure of the Gospel of God--the Righteousness of God, the Life of Christ, and the Faith of the Believers
  4. Paul's Gospel--the Gospel of Completion
  5. The Highest Point of God's Gospel

International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones (Spring)
Service for the Building Up of the Church

  1. Serving God by Knowing the Age, by Realizing the Way Christ Fulfills His Economy, by Seeing the World Situation as the Indicator of His Move, and...
  2. Serving with a Vision, according to Revelation, and in the Body for the Building Up of the House of God
  3. Serving God in Our Spirit in the Gospel of His Son
  4. The Service That Is from God
  5. The Humanity of One Who Serves the Lord
  6. The Basis of Service--the Fire from the Altar
  7. Serving God by Prayer according to His Heart and Will
  8. A Life-ministering Service

Full-time Trainings — 2016

Full-time Training — Spring Term
The Tree of Life

  1. The Vision of the Tree of Life
  2. The Prologue to the Gospel of Life--the History of Christ as the Word of God
  3. Eating the Tree of Life and Living as Branches of the Tree of Life
  4. The Two Trees in Genesis 2 Becoming the Two Laws in Romans 8
  5. The Two Trees and the Two Principles of Living
  6. Job and the Two Trees
  7. Eating the Lord as the Tree of Life and Living on the Line of Life
  8. The Flow of Life with the Ministry of Life out of and for the Magnificent House of God
  9. Becoming a Reproduction of Christ as the Tree of Life for the Ministry of Life