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Conferences/Trainings — 2011

Chinese-Speaking Conference
Speaking the Word of God

  1. The Speaking God Desiring That Man Speak for Him
  2. The Beautifying and Killing Functions of the Word of God for the Church as the Glorious Bride of Christ and the Corporate Warrior of God
  3. Letting the Word of Christ Dwell in Us Richly
  4. Living a Prophesying Life to Speak the Word of God in Ten Major Categories for the Building Up of the Church
  5. The Word of God Growing, Multiplying, and Prevailing, Being Experienced in the Word of Righteousness, and the Need for the Speaking of God-constituted Persons

Memorial Day Conference
The Crucial Elements of the Bible

  1. The Crucial Elements of the Bible--Christ, the Spirit, Life, and the Church
  2. The All-inclusive Christ in the Gospel of Matthew
  3. Experiencing the Indwelling Christ
  4. The Spirit
  5. Eating the Lord as the Tree of Life and Living on the Line of Life
  6. The Church as the Body of Christ--the Mysterious Organism in God's New Testament Economy

Full-time Trainings — 2011

Full-time Training — Spring Term
Experiencing, Enjoying, and Expressing Christ (2)

  1. In Romans (1)--The Seed of David Becoming the Son of God and Our Life-Savior
  2. In Romans (2)--The Christ Who Died and Resurrected and the New Husband
  3. In Romans (3)--The Emancipator and the One Who Makes Us More Than Conquerors
  4. In Romans (4)--The Element and Sphere of the Members in the Body
  5. In 1 Corinthians (1)--The Center of God and All Things, the Portion of All the Saints, God's Power and God's Wisdom, the Content of the Apostle's Ministry, and the Depths of God
  6. In 1 Corinthians (2)--Our Spiritual Food, Our Spiritual Rock, and the Contents of the Lord's Table
  7. In 2 Corinthians (1)--The Grace of God and the All-inclusive Spirit
  8. In 2 Corinthians (2)--The Image of God and the Treasure
  9. In 2 Corinthians (3)--The Means of Reconciliation
  10. In Galatians (1)--The One Who Rescues Us Out of the Present Evil Age by His Being Revealed in Us
  11. In Galatians (2)--The One Who Has Given Himself Up for the Believers and Who Lives in Them and the Aggregate of the All-embracing Blessing of the Full Gospel of God
  12. In Galatians (3)--The One Who Is Formed in the Believers
  13. In Ephesians (1)--The Sphere and the Means of the Spiritual Blessings in the Heavenlies
  14. In Ephesians (2)--The Creator of the One New Man as the Masterpiece of God
  15. In Ephesians (3)--The One Making His Home in the Hearts of the Believers
  16. In Ephesians (4)--The Husband of the Church
  17. In Ephesians (5)--The Giver of Gifts and the Constituents of God's Armor

Full-time Training — Fall Term
Experiencing, Enjoying, and Expressing Christ (3)

  1. In Philippians (1)--The Pattern and the Goal of the Believers' Pursuit
  2. In Philippians (2)--Our Virtues, the Peace of God, Our Secret, and the One Who Empowers Us
  3. In Colossians (1)--The Portion of the Saints
  4. In Colossians (2)--Christ Our Life
  5. In Colossians (3)--The Constituent of the New Man
  6. In 1 Thessalonians--The Cause of Our Blamelessness in Holiness and the Cause of Our Complete Sanctification in Our Spirit, Soul, and Body
  7. In 2 Timothy--The One Who Nullified Death and Brought Life and Incorruption to Light
  8. In Hebrews (1)--As the One in Whom God Speaks
  9. In Hebrews (2)--A Great High Priest
  10. In Hebrews (3)--A High Priest according to the Order of Melchizedek
  11. In Hebrews (4)--The Captain of Salvation and the Forerunner Leading Many Sons into Glory by Entering within the Veil and Going outside the Camp
  12. In Hebrews (5)--The Author and Perfecter of Faith
  13. In Peter's Epistles (1)--The Shepherd of Our Souls for the Building of God's Spiritual House
  14. In Peter's Epistles (2)--The Supreme Preciousness of Christ
  15. In Peter's Epistles (3)--Christ as Grace
  16. In John's Epistles (1)--The Flow of the Lord Jesus within Us--the Fellowship of the Eternal Life