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Conferences/Trainings — 2012

Chinese-Speaking Conference
The Heart of the Divine Revelation

  1. An Overview of the Four Focal Books--Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians
  2. Galatians--Christ Formed in Us
  3. Ephesians--Paul's Prayer for the Church regarding Revelation
  4. Philippians--Experiencing Christ by Taking Him as Everything
  5. Colossians--the All-inclusive, Extensive Christ versus Culture

International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones — Spring
Taking the Lead as Elders and Responsible Ones

  1. Taking the Lead to Be Patterns and to Love the Lord with the First Love
  2. Taking the Lead to Experience Life
  3. Taking the Lead to Minister Life
  4. Taking the Lead to Prophesy for the Building Up of the Church as the Organic Body of Christ
  5. Taking the Lead to Be a Man of Prayer
  6. Taking the Lead to Know the Body and to Keep the Principles of the Body
  7. Taking the Lead to Stand on the Unique Ground of the Church, to Be under the Limitation of the Body of Christ, and to Be Body-conscious in One Accord
  8. Taking the Lead to Work with the Lord for the Body

Memorial Day Conference
The Genuine Oneness of the Body, the Proper One Accord in the Church, and the Direction of the Lord's Move Today

  1. The Lord's Prayer for the Glorification of the Triune God in the Oneness of the Body of Christ
  2. The Oneness of the Body of Christ--the Oneness in the Triune God Typified by the Tabernacle
  3. The Vision of the Proper One Accord in the Church
  4. The Practice of the Proper One Accord in the Church
  5. The Lord's Move Today
  6. The Direction of the Lord's Move Today

International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones — Fall
The Unique Work in the Lord's Recovery

  1. Knowing the Work of God--the Unique Work in the Lord's Recovery
  2. The Pattern of the Lord Jesus--the Work of Christ in His Human Living and Earthly Ministry
  3. A Work in Ascension, by the Spirit, and in the Divine Stream
  4. Ambassadors of Christ with the Ministry of Reconciliation and Co-workers of God with an All-fitting Life
  5. The Iniquity of the Sanctuary versus Building with Gold, Silver, and Precious Stones
  6. Keeping the Principle of the Sabbath in Relation to the Work of Building
  7. Ministering to the Lord to Enjoy Him as the Hidden Manna, the Budding Rod, and the Law of Life
  8. The Work of the Ministry
  9. The Consummation of the Unique Work in the Lord's Recovery--the New Jerusalem

Thanksgiving Conference 2012
Prayer and the Lord's Move

  1. The Significance of Prayer, the Principle of Prayer, and the Prayer Ministry of the Church
  2. A Man of Prayer
  3. Praying at the Incense Altar for the Formation of an Army to Fight for God's Move on Earth
  4. Persevering in Prayer
  5. Being One with the Triune God in the Move of the Great Wheel of His Economy
  6. A Praying Church in the Unique Stream of the Work of God

Winter Training
Crystallization-Study of Daniel and Zechariah

  1. The Rule of the Heavens, the Economy of God, and the Excellent Christ as the Precious and Preeminent One in God's Move
  2. A Pattern of a Person Used by God to Turn the Age
  3. The Vision of the Great Image--the Controlling Vision in the Book of Daniel
  4. The Vision of the Seventy Weeks and the Age of Mystery
  5. The Vision of God and His Universal Dominion and of the Coming of the Son of Man to Receive a Kingdom and the Necessity of Spiritual Warfare to Bring in the Kingdom of God
  6. The Victory of the Overcomers
  7. Christ as Everything for the Building of the Temple of God
  8. Christ as the Stone with the Seven Eyes of Jehovah for God's Building
  9. The Vision of the Golden Lampstand and the Two Olive Trees
  10. A Word concerning the Human Spirit and Aspects of Christ Unveiled in Zechariah for His Move on Earth
  11. The Evil and Wickedness of Commerce versus a Divine Sense of Value concerning Christ and the Church
  12. The Priesthood and the Kingship for the Building Up of the Church as the Temple of God

Full-time Trainings — 2012

Full-time Training — Spring Term
Experiencing, Enjoying, and Expressing Christ (4)

  1. In John's Epistles (2)--Our Abiding Place
  2. Expressing Christ by Triumphing in Him in Our Ministry
  3. In Revelation (1)--The Faithful Witness of God for the Testimony of Jesus
  4. In Revelation (2)--Christ as the Son of Man Walking in the Midst of the Golden Lampstands
  5. In Revelation (3)--The Tree of Life
  6. In Revelation (4)--The Hidden Manna
  7. In Revelation (5)--The Gold, the White Garments, and the Eyesalve
  8. In Revelation (6)--The Spirit Speaking to the Churches, the One Who Has the Key of David, and the One Who Will Dine with the Overcomers
  9. In Revelation (7)--The Lion-Lamb
  10. In Revelation (8)--Our Shepherd
  11. In Revelation (9)--Another Angel and the Eternal King
  12. In Revelation (10)--The Lamb Whom the Overcoming Firstfruits Follow
  13. In Revelation (11)--The Lamb as the Bridegroom
  14. In Revelation (12)--The Eternal Husband of the New Jerusalem, the Holy City
  15. In Revelation (13)--The Lamb Being the Lamp with God as the Light
  16. In Revelation (14)--The Lamb-God Being on the Throne within the City
  17. In Revelation (15)--Expressing Christ as the Light-bearer in the New Jerusalem

Full-time Training — Fall Term
What Christ is to the Believers in His Person

  1. The Portion of the Saints
  2. Christ as God
  3. The Redeemer
  4. Christ Our Passover
  5. Righteousness and Life
  6. The Sanctifier
  7. The Life-giving Spirit
  8. The Abiding Place
  9. The Reality
  10. Light
  11. The All-inclusive One with the Unsearchable Riches
  12. Spiritual Food and the Rock Flowing with the Spiritual Drink
  13. The Sabbath
  14. The Hope of Glory
  15. The Whole Armor of God