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You give them something to eat.
Mark 6:37

With the release of the final volumes of The Collected Works of Witness Lee in 2020, Living Stream completed the collection, editing, and publication of the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. We are now able to turn our focus to the distribution of these riches, and we are pleased to announce that many of our publications are now available in digital formats. As we enjoy and digest these publications, we hope that we would also be stirred up to use the digital means to share these riches with others.

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December 2021 Semiannual Training
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  • Free eBooklets
    Nuggets and Gems from the Bible

    The Nuggets and Gems from the Bible eBooklets contain standalone editions of the Life-study messages and are being offered for free. They focus on particular treasures from the Bible revealed in the Life-studies, and we hope that many of you will share in our burden to distribute these riches.

    Give them food at the proper time.
    Matthew 24:45

  • eBooks
    Samples of eBooks Available
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    Also available on: Kobo and Barnes & Noble

    Digital editions of ministry publications are available on Apple Books, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. They can be read on mobile apps, computers, and eReaders of your choice. Individual volumes of Life-study of the Bible, The Collected Works of Watchman Nee, and The Collected Works of Witness Lee may be purchased digitally. For more details on LSM eBooks, go to

    Do you love Me?...Feed My sheep.
    John 21:17

  • Audiobooks
    Samples of Audiobooks Available

    We now have twelve Life-study lines available as audiobooks, and we plan to release many more in the coming months. We have also begun to release standalone titles as audiobooks, and we look forward to expanding this collection, as well.

    Should not the shepherds feed the sheep?
    Ezekiel 34:2

  • Recovery Version
    Recovery Version App icon and screenshots

    We now have a mobile app for the English Holy Bible Recovery Version. This app is available in the App Store and on Google Play. The app contains the Recovery Version of the Holy Bible with its numerous study aids, including the subject and background of each book; detailed, interpretive outlines; enlightening footnotes, valuable cross references, and a variety of useful charts and maps. Bible reference links in other Living Stream Ministry eBooks will open in this app.

    We have begun offering audio readings of the Recovery Version of the Bible. Currently, there are readings of the entire New Testament and several Old Testament books. We plan to add more audio readings of Old Testament books in the upcoming months.

    I am not willing to send them away hungry
    Matthew 15:32

  • Share This Ministry
    Share this Ministry

    “The publications are the weapons and the bullets to fight the spiritual warfare...But we need some soldiers to use them” (The Way to Practice the Lord’s Present Move, p. 487). The digital format makes it easy to be such soldiers. The video tutorials above demonstrate different ways to share this ministry digitally.

    You give them something to eat.
    Luke 9:13

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