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Living Stream Ministry has an extensive collection of books that are available for reading online at However, by design this site does not allow bookmarking of individual pages, and this has made it difficult to refer nourishing portions to friends and fellow-believers. In an effort to overcome this limitation, we have developed a site containing over 6,000 excerpts from the publications of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee that allows bookmarking and sharing. This site,, contains an index of publications and selected excerpts from them.

At the bottom of every excerpt, there are three features to assist in further reading and in sharing the ministry with others:

  1. A link to the full text of the book from which the excerpt was taken.
  2. A link to email the page address of the excerpt to others.
  3. A link to the excerpt itself which can be added to blogs, webpages, or social media sites.

Options for Sharing Excerpts

We encourage you to share your enjoyment of the ministry with others. The more these pages are shared across the Internet, the more this ministry will become visible to others, especially through the search engines.


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