Living Stream Ministry is actively working to produce electronic editions of the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee for a variety of platforms. These electronic publications (epublications) consist of the full content of the print versions including page numbers that correspond with the printed text. Although Living Stream Ministry provides epublications for various platforms, please note that publications often cannot be used or transferred across platforms unless otherwise stated by the vendor. For example, an epublication purchased for the iSilo platform can only be read by iSilo reader software, and Kindle epublications can only be read by Kindle readers or Kindle reader software. If you wish to read LSM publications on more than one of the platforms listed (for example, on iSilo and on Kindle), you must purchase each epublication format separately (e.g., the iSilo format from LSM and the Kindle format from Please make sure you purchase the correct format for your reader(s) because your license for one epublication platform will not apply to other platforms.

Below are the current epublication types by platform and vendors.

Epublication Platforms

LSM ePublications

The EPUB Platform (iBooks—iPad and iPhone, Nook, Kobo, Play Books)

The EPUB platform makes use of the EPUB format, an industry standard for publishing electronic books. As such, many vendors operate within the EPUB platform. This platform includes installable apps, online readers, and dedicated e-reader devices from various vendors. Living Stream Ministry epublications in the EPUB format are now available through the following vendors(s):

OS Devices
Nook Kobo Google Play Books
LSM epublications: iBooks Store Nook Store Kobo Store Google Play Store
Free Reader Apps: iBooks Nook Apps Kobo Apps Google Play Books Apps
Online Reader: N/A BN Online Reader Kobo Online Reader Google Online Reader
Vendor: Apple Barnes & Noble Kobo Google

The Amazon Kindle Platform

The Kindle platform consists of dedicated Kindle e-reader devices and tablets (sold separately at Amazon Kindle), the Kindle reader application (available for free at Amazon Apps), which can be installed on personal computers running Windows® or Mac OS as well as many handheld devices, and an online reader accessible through any web browser (

LSM epublications for Kindle

The iSilo Platform

The iSilo platform consists of the iSilo reader application (sold separately by iSilo), which can be installed on personal computers running Windows® or Mac OS as well as many handheld devices.

LSM epublications for iSilo

iSilo, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Play Books, iPhone, iPad, and iBooks are registered trademarks of: DC & Co.; Amazon, Inc.; Barnes & Noble, Inc.; Kobo, Inc.; Google, Inc.; and Apple, Inc.; respectively, in the U.S. and other countries.